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Handheld Light Measurement Solutions 
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About The Company


More information about MK-Spectra.


Moreland Lighting, LLC has over 40 years of experience in the lighting industry, commercial studio photography, and product marketing. We recognized the need for "on the spot" light analysis by lighting professionals, manufacturers, architects, and stage/studio lighting engineers. With the new generations of LED, OLED and EL illumination, the importance of in the field light analysis has never been more important.

Together with UPRtek (United Power Research Technology Corporation), Moreland Lighting, LLC, is proud to bring you the first high efficiency and truly portable laboratory that fits in your pocket - the UPRtek Spectrometer (Models MK-350N and MK-350S).

Our Mission

Our mission is to continue to bring you the most advanced, practical, and affordable lighting analysis tools available. We strongly believe in quality work, customer satisfaction, and the embracing of technological advancement.


  • A well established history of honesty and integrity
  • High quality at a competitive price
  • Our range of services include calibration of our equipment, repairs and supplying of certified measurement solutions
  • Instruments sold with calibration certificate

LEDs Magazine announces UPRtek MK-350S as finalist for inaugural Sapphire Awards. Check our news section for details.

Progress Report Award

The UPRtek MK-350 and MoreSpectra software by Moreland Lighting were recognized by IESNA as:

"A unique and significant advancement to the art and science of lighting."