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Handheld Light Measurement Solutions 
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Useful for manufacturers and distributors.

The MK-350 Series from Moreland Lighting, LLC provides its solutions for a variety of applications. Manufacturers and distributors need to maintain quality control, and in order to verify and maintain the quality of light in the work environment, a reliable mobile light spectrometer comes in handy. Our products can reliably evaluate all types of lights.

Manufacturers and distributors of lamps, lighting systems, and products that incorporate light as a component need to test the light quality to verify their claimed specifications and to maintain a consistent level of quality control. Like the manufacturers, distributors, and even retailers, need to measure the quality of light provided by their product line, to ensure that their reputation is protected.

LEDs Magazine announces UPRtek MK-350S as finalist for inaugural Sapphire Awards. Check our news section for details.

Progress Report Award

The UPRtek MK-350 and MoreSpectra software by Moreland Lighting were recognized by IESNA as:

"A unique and significant advancement to the art and science of lighting."