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Packed with powerful enhancements.

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Features include:

  • 4.3-inch color touch screen interface with full color graphics
  • Crosshair aiming
  • Illumination distribution charts provide assistance in fixture design
  • Color Spectrum
  • Compare two different light sources side-by-side on the screen
  • Visual aim and click scope with crosshair aiming
  • Range Check
  • Maximum and minimum acceptable ranges for validating LED quality
  • Built-in file browser allows users to instantly read data in saved files
  • On-the-spot data comparison features - comparing two LEDs, or comparing against historical data
  • Delta x,y,u and v

Measuring Capabilities:

  • CCT
  • Lux/Foot Candle
  • CRI Ra/R1-R15
  • Spectral Irradiance
  • C.I.E. Chromaticity Coordinates
    • C.I.E. 1931 x,y Coordinates
    • C.I.E. 1976 U.C.S. u', v' Coordinates
  • Peak Wavelength/Dominant Wavelength
  • Duv, Purity
  • PPF (400nm-700nm) PPF-R (600nm-699nm) PPF-G (500nm-599nm) PPF-B (400nm-499nm) PPF-UV (380nm-399nm) PPF-NIR (700nm-780nm)
  • Bin

The UPRtek MK-350S LED Meter w/ WiFi gives you the opportunity to measure the quality of light quickly and easily. Following the same path with the MK-350N, the MK-350S has the same functionalities as its predecessor but provides many new features.

The user-friendly design and 4.3-inch touch screen interface with color graphics make it the ideal tool for multiple applications within the lighting industry.

Readings appear instantly in easy to read full screen color graphics and measurement results stored via an SD card in raw data MS Excel format.

The MK-350S is 100 percent stand-alone and doesn't need a PC or smartphone for user interface. You can save the measurement results on the SD-card and download them to your computer or view them directly as you save them on your computers browser via MoreSpectra.


Photo Gallery

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LEDs Magazine announces UPRtek MK-350S as finalist for inaugural Sapphire Awards. Check our news section for details.

Progress Report Award

The UPRtek MK-350 and MoreSpectra software by Moreland Lighting were recognized by IESNA as:

"A unique and significant advancement to the art and science of lighting."