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Frequently Asked Questions


What answers can we provide for you?

Moreland Lighting provides this list of questions and answers for the convenience of our web site visitors. If you have a question that is not yet answered on this page, please click here to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • Question: Who manufactures the MK-350 product line?
  • Answer: The MK-350 product line is manufactured by our trusted partner, United Power Research Technology Corporation (UPRtek). Their manufacturing in Taiwan follows a high standard and goes through struct quality control processes. You can visit their web site at

LEDs Magazine announces UPRtek MK-350S as finalist for inaugural Sapphire Awards. Check our news section for details.

Progress Report Award

The UPRtek MK-350 and MoreSpectra software by Moreland Lighting were recognized by IESNA as:

"A unique and significant advancement to the art and science of lighting."