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Programmed to be portable and user-friendly.

Moreland Lighting, LLC provides an enviable choices of software solutions to support its line of light spectrometers. The software crunches the raw data generated by the accurate hardware and provides multiple user-friendly formats to view and evaluate the data. The software generates displays on the LCD screens of the spectrometers or on any PC. Check out each software selection of the MK-350 spectrometers below:

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MoreSpectra Software

MoreSpectra Software is a proprietary software solution provided by Moreland Lighting, LLC. The program displays the captured data from the MK-350N and MK-350S spectrometers on your computer in a format that is user-friendly and easy-to-understand. Using the UPRtek MK-350N or MK-350S saved files in Excel format, MoreSpectra displays the high 1nm resolution files in brilliant color with simple to understand information while offering the fine details required of a seasoned expert. Zoom in on any portion of any graph to closely analyze small details. Copy and paste spectral graphs or CIE 1931 and CIE 1976 or the entire screen shot to Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel files, sales brochures, or even e-mails easily.

[More information about MoreSpectra Software]

uSpectrum Software photo

uSpectrum Software

The USpectrum Software is provided by UPRtek, manufacturer of the MK-350 Series, to display data from their MK-350N and MK-350S spectrograph devices. The software interfaces with the device and PCs to provide for the smooth transfer and organization of data, and the useful display of the data using charts and graphs. The USpectrum software has an impressive array of functions and display features, which are explained in its User Manual. The company provides free periodic software updates for its registered users.

[More information about uSpectrum Software]

LEDs Magazine announces UPRtek MK-350S as finalist for inaugural Sapphire Awards. Check our news section for details.

Progress Report Award

The UPRtek MK-350 and MoreSpectra software by Moreland Lighting were recognized by IESNA as:

"A unique and significant advancement to the art and science of lighting."